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One of the most important and original contributions to English rural history to be published in recent times.


Introduction; 1. The question of value; Part I. Survival: 2. Who had common right? 3. Threats before enclosure; 4. Ordering the commons; 5. Enforcing the orders; 6.The uses of waste; Part II. Decline: 7. Two villages; 8. Decline and disappearance; 9. Resisting enclosure; Part III. Conclusion: 10. 'Making freeman of the slave'; Appendices; Bibliography; Index.


'Commoners ... will transform the understanding of [eighteenth-century] agrarian and social history.' E. P. Thompson, Customs in Common 'Little can be said in criticism of this wonderful book... Commoners is a major contribution to an emerging view.' Jane Humphries, Journal of Economic History
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Untertitel: Common Right, Enclosure and Social Change in England, 1700-1820. 'Past and Present Publications'. bibliography, index. Sprache: Englisch.
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