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September 2004



New work of fiction from one of our greatest living novelists. Coetzee won the Nobel Prize for literature in 2003 and has twice won the Booker Prize. Explores the life of an Australian writer of international renown. "One of Coetzee's best... simply burns with creative passion" D.J. Taylor, "Independent"


JM Coetzee's work includes Waiting For The Barbarians, Life & Times of Michael K, Boyhood: Scenes From Provincial Life, Youth, and Disgrace which won the Booker Prize, making him the first author to have won it twice. In 2003 he won the Nobel Prize for Literature.


"One of Coetzee's best...simply burns with creative passion" -- D. J. Taylor Independent "An important book... Extraordinary" Independent on Sunday "Probably the best book on the [Booker] longlist, the one that will last... Every word counts. Every sentence lives" Evening Standard "The best novel I've read this year, a book so bold and so clever that one wants to call it something other than a novel, to take it out of that commonplace genre" -- Frank Kermode Times Literary Supplement 20041221 "A readable and engaging book. Demanding, playful, provocative...hugely enlightening and rewarding" Sunday Times
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