British Petroleum and Global Oil 1950 1975: The Challenge of Nationalism

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August 2000



A detailed account of the activities of BP, 1950 1975.


Introduction: the political economy of international oil; Part I. In a Rising Tide of Nationalism: 1. 'The structure and sinews of the Company'; 2. Management and culture; 3. The Suez crisis; 4. 'Our aim and policy the energetic search for new sources of crude oil'; 5. Finance and the British government; Part II. Under Pressure from the Producers: 6. The advent of OPEC; 7. The political balancing act; 8. The 'Holy Grail' of exploration; 9. The push for outlets ...; 10. ... and more outlets; 11. Refining and shipping; 12. Financial strains; 13. The managerial hierarchy; Part III. Diversifications: 14. Alliances in petrochemicals; 15. Integration in petrochemicals; 16. Computing; 17. Nutrition; Part IV: OPEC Takes Control: 18. 'An avalanche of escalating demands'; 19. The end of an era; Retrospect and conclusion.


' ... exciting and well-written ... It ranges far wider than the story of one company and offers fascinating insights into the political and economic developments of the period ... For such insights, for its historical breadth and for a first-rate account of the politics and internal development of company strategy, this book should appeal to a much wider readership than its bulk and title might suggest.' Financial Times 'The author deftly combines corporate biography with the insights of Chandlerian business history ... and in so doing has produced a very satisfying book. the work is a splendid successor to the first two volumes in this series ...'. Business History 'It will give pleasure to all who are intrigued by the rise of the industry, the struggles of the companies within it, and their changing place in the world economy and politics during this period.' The Journal of Energy and Development '... this book represents the very best of company history, marked by lucidity, meticulous research and sound historical judgement.' History
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