The Discovery of Islands: Essays in British History

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September 2005



Linked essays presenting British history as oceanic and global, rather than simply history.


Preface and acknowledgements; Part I. The Field Proposed: 1. The Antipodean perception; 2. British history: a plea for a new subject; Part II. The Three Kingdoms and the English Problem: 3. The field enlarged: an introduction; 4. Two kingdoms and three histories? Political thought in British contexts; 5. The Atlantic archipelago and the War of the Three Kingdoms; 6. The third kingdom in its history; Part III. Empire and Rebellion in the First Age of Union: 7. Archipelago, Europe and Atlantic after 1688; 8. The significance of 1688: some reflections on Whig history; 9. Empire, state and confederation: the war of American independence as a crisis in multiple monarchy; 10. The Union of 1801 in British history; Part IV. New Zealand in the Strange Multiplicity: 11. The neo-Britains and the three empires; 12. Tangata whenua and Enlightenment anthropology; 13. Law, sovereignty and history in a divided culture: the case of New Zealand and the Treaty of Waitangi; Part V. Britain, Europe and Post-Modern History: 14. Sovereignty and history in the late twentieth century; 15. Deconstructing Europe; 16. The politics of the new British history; 17. Conclusion: history, sovereignty, identity; Bibliographies; Index.


J. G. A.Pocock is Harry C. Black Professor Emeritus at Johns Hopkins University, and one of the leading historians of ideas in the world.


"This collection of essays will prove a valuable resource... (A)n engaging and thought provoking contribution to a growing body of work concerned with rethinking the meaning of British history" Todd Webb, Canadian Journal of History
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