The Generalship of Ulysses S. Grant

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An analysis of one of America's greatest soldiers which refutes the notion that Grant relied only on brute force to achieve his victories, demonstrating instead the mastery of mobility, surprise, judgement, and strategic co-ordination that made Grant the premier Civil War general.


* Introduction The Civil War * Natural History of the War * Grand Strategy of the War * Strategy and Tactics of the War Grant as Subordinate General * From Galena to Fort Donelson * Battle of Shiloh * Advance on Vicksburg * Vicksburg Campaign * Battle of Chattanooga * Grants Generalship, 1861-3 Grant as General-in-Chief * The Plan of Campaign * From the Rapidan to Spottsylvania * Petersburg Campaign * Campaigns of Sherman, Sheridan, and Thomas * Appomattox Campaign * Grants Generalship, 1864-5 * The Plan of Campaign The Generalship of Peace * The Foundations of War * The Foundations of Peace * Grant as Citizen and Man Appendices * The Surprise at Shiloh * The Attack of General Thomas at Chattanooga * Lees Order of Battle, May, 1864 * Grants Order of Battle, May, 1864 * Shermans March to Savannah * Grants Order of Battle, March 31, 1865


Major General J.F.C. Fuller (1878-1966) was one of the most important and original military thinkers of this century. He served as lieutenant in the Boer War, organized the first British tank corps in World War I, and developed the strategy and tactics of tank warfare which were later put to such effective use by the Nazis for their World War II blitzkriegs. His many books include "A Military History of the Western World" (3 volumes), "The Generalship of Ulysses S. Grant, Julius Caesar: Man, Soldier, and Tyrant, " and "The Generalship of Alexander the Great, " all of which are available from Da Capo Press/Perseus Book Group.
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