High-Tech Grass Roots: The Professionalization of Local Elections

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Election campaigns in small and mid-sized electoral districts have been run from the grass roots from the beginning of the republic. Yard signs, door-to-door canvassing, and soap-box oratory have characterized state and local elections for years, and many predict their persistence into the 21st century. This book looks at new trends in small-town politics, tracking the infiltration of sophisticated communications technology, the use of political consultants, and the increase in fundraising and campaign expenditures. Original surveys, interviews, and in-depth case studies lead the author to conclude that the new tactics are with us to stay, but that their potentially negative effects--rising campaign budgets and diminished citizen participation--may be mitigated by creative approaches to reform.


Chapter 1 The Latest Trends in U.S. Political Campaigns Chapter 2 How Are Local Candidates Campaigning for Office? Chapter 3 Why Are Local Candidates Adopting New Style Campaign Strategies? Chapter 4 How Will Encroaching Campaign Sophistication Affect the Health of Democracy? Chapter 5 Electoral Reform from the Grassroots Chapter 6 Appendix A: A Detailed Account of Data Collection Chapter 7 Appendix B: Summarizing Campaign Sophistication


J. Cherie Strachan is assistant professor of communication at the University of Albany.


[Strachan] organizes and delivers her points nicely, going well beyond merely documenting the trend in order to cogently explore the broader issues of why local candidates are changing tactics and the implications of those changes. Perspectives on Politics An important new work that underscores the compatibility of grass roots campaigns with contemporary or technologically based electoral strategies, High-Tech Grass Roots: The Professionalization of Local Elections, is a must-read for all students of American political campaigns. -- Judith Trent, University of Cincinnati
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