Rereading the Bible: An Introduction to the Biblical Story

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Juni 1999



This beginning biblical studies text introduces students to readings of both the Old and New Testament. The authors use an "intertextuality" approach, exploring the Bible by examining individual pieces in depth and considering their relevance and development. This alternative approach to looking at the breadth of the bible--starting with Genesis and moving as far forward as time allows--is gaining popularity in biblical studies, especially with more serious biblical scholars.


I. INTRODUCTION. 1: Learning to Reread the Bible. 2: Israel's Developing Story. II. THE HEBREW BIBLE. 3: The Story Behind Israel's story in Ezra-Nehemiah. 4: The Story of the Law. 5: The Story of the Prophets. 6: The Story of the Temple. 7: The Story of Kingship. 8: The Story of the People of God. III. The Story of Jesus and His Earliest Followers. 9: The World of Jesus and His Followers. 10: The Story of Jesus and His Followers. IV. THE REVISITATION OF ISRAEL'S TRADITION IN THE NEW TESTAMENT. 11: Rereading the Story of Kingship. 12: Rereading the Story of the Temple. 13: Rereading the Story of the Law. 14: Rereading the Story of Prophecy and the Prophets. 15: Rereading the Story of the People. Epilogue: The Rereading Continues. Glossary. Index of Topics, Persons, and Biblical Books. Index of Biblical Texts Discusses. Index of Closer Look Boxes. Index of Maps.
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