Language in Mental Retardation

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Dezember 1996



This book is intended both as a comprehensive review and discussion of the major studies of language development and functioning in mentally retarded (MR) persons over the last fifty years, and as an exploration of a number of important issues in this field. *The use of the term 'mental retardation' is in line with the recommendations of the American Association on Mental Retardation and other relevant organisations.


Outline and rationale. Historical sketch: early speech studies; early language studies; more theoretically oriented studies; Lenneberg's studies; psycholinguistically oriented work; intervention studies. IQ, sex social class, syndrome considerations, and the specificity question: Iq, levels of mental retardation, and language; sex differences; social class differences; syndrome considerations; the specificity question. Exceptionality and language modularity: exceptional language development in mental retardation; dissociative tendencies in typical mentally retarded subjects; the delay-difference question; the cognition-language question; language modularity. Language development and functioning: the critical period question; prelinguistic development; speech; lexical development; thematic semantics and morphosyntactic regulations; adult-child interaction and the development of language in the mentally retarded; language in mentally retarded adults; ageing and language in mental retardation. language remediation: dimensions and contents; the efficiency issue; alternative and augmentative systems of communication; literary training; memory and language; computer-enhanced language intervention. Perspectives.
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