The Celtic and Scandinavian Religions

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November 2005



There is some evidence that certain women had priestly functions, perhaps a near relation of the góthi, and occasionally acting for him. Such a woman was called gydja and might even own a temple. The god Frey had a young priestess in his temple, regarded as his consort...
-from "Scandinavia: Worship and Its Accessories"

Highly readable and densely informative, this general survey of Celtic and Scandinavian mythology and its beliefs and practices, first published in 1948, remains an excellent resource.

The author, a well-regarded expert on the subject, explores:

. nature worship
. deities and lesser supernatural beings
. mythical heroes
. magic and divination
. creation stories
. magic and morality
. and more.

Readers in comparative mythology and fans of Arthurian, Celtic, and epic fantasy fiction will find this book a delight.

British scholar JOHN ARNOTT MACCULLOCH (1868-1950) wrote numerous books on ancient mythology, including Religion of the Ancient Celts, The Childhood of Fiction: A Study of Folk Tales and Primitive Thought, Mythology of All Races, Religion: Its Origin & Forms, and Medieval Faith and Fable.
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