The Peak District: Landscapes Through Time

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Dezember 2004



The Peak District -Britain's first National Park - has some of Britain's richest archaeological landscapes. When this book was first published in 1997, in Batsford's English Heritage series, it revealed them for the first time in all their diversity. Prehistoric barrows, stone circles, Romano-British settlements, medieval fields, ancient drove-ways, nineteenth-century lead mines: all are prominent in this extraordinary area. This new edition draws on the extensive archaeological research that has taken place in the Peak since 1997, and provides new maps and interpretations. It tells the story of a famous landscape's evolution.


List of Illustrations. List of Colour Plates. Acknowledgements. Introduction. Exploiting the Natural Landscape. Sacred Landscapes. After a Worsening in the Weather. From Farm to Village. Open Fields, Commons and Waste. The Walled Landscape. Expressions of Power. Building in Stone. Packhorses and Turnpikes. Mines, Mills and Quarries. Today's Historic Landscape. Places to Visit. Bibliography. Index.


John Barnatt is Senior Survey Archaeologist for the Peak District National Park Authority, and Ken Smith is the Authority's Cultural Heritage Manager.

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