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Snookered is funny but probing contemporary depiction of young men navigating what it means to be young, British and Muslim.


Ishy Din is a taxi-driver from Middlesborough, whose script John Barnes Saved My Life was shortlisted as part of Radio 5 Live's Sports Shorts competition and aired in 2004. He was then commissioned to write a piece for the BBC Brief Encounters series, has written for BBC Radio Newcastle, and came second in the British Asian writing competition BANG! in 2007 (Oldham Coliseum Theatre, Tamasha and BBC Writersroom, supported by Media Training North West). He has recently completed Sustenance with Deborah Bruce for New Writing North, with support from the Arts Council and the Peggy Ramsey Foundation, and a short Arvon Foundation writing residency with tutors Simon Stephens and Graham Whybrow. He is currently working on an idea for a new musical called Soul Brother with the support of the Adopt a Playwright scheme (, and is also developing a short film Hijab, and a screenplay called Fraud.


It has plenty fresh to say about the aspirations of young Pakistani males ... Din is very good at charting the things that unite and divide his Pakistani quartet ... Din has taken a stock situation, a friends' annual reunion, and reinvigorated it through sport and social commentary. -- Michael Billington Guardian 20120301 [A] highly promising first full-length play ... Snookered memorably captures the confusion of young men who find themselves caught between two cultures ... this provocative piece is undoubtedly blessed with vigour and bite, and is especially strong at exposing the fault lines that can develop in even the closest friendships with the passage of time ... a genuinely eye-opening play. -- Charles Spencer Telegraph 20120302 Wow! This is the most accomplished and assured first play I have seen for years ... Din uses his command of the relentless demotic to lay bare an extraordinary range of emotion from the braggardly and blustering to the vulnerable and downright tender ... in this expertly-paced piece of writing ... Din's prose is as subtle as it sinuous. It works a lot through what it leaves unsaid -- Paul Vallely Independent 20120217 Din has a great ear for dialogue and a way with spiky comedy ... Din writes with zest, honesty and sympathy about the complexity of real lives in modern Britain. -- Sarah Hemming Financial Times 20120304
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