Injustices of a Poetic Soul: For Every Woman's Woes There Is an Untold Story

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Mai 2008



A collection of poetry from her earlier years and beyond; which dictates a story about her life. From emotional to sexual abuse that she encountered from childhood and throughout some of her adulthood. Telling the stories about the abuse from which the poetry derived, and stories giving an explanation of the poetry that she had written. She also tries to encourage those who have endured this abuse to empower themselves and defeat their struggles from their misunderstood past. Telling about the signs of sexual abuse in children, and how to detect that something is not right with your child. Not only does she tell her story, but she also tries to help others who have the same story or similar; so that they may uplift themselves, build esteem and character, infuse their inner being with self love and worth. She uses her words of wisdom and her prior experience of a destructive past due to struggles, as an outlet and a tool! "For every womans woes, there is an untold story"!

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