Stories to Tell .: History-Making People and Grand Adventures in a Small World

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Drawing on a lifetime of extraordinary experiences, former Associated Press journalist Isaac M. Flores shares his remarkable career with "Stories to Tell . . ." He profiles and interviews many of the famous and infamous people of the Twentieth Century.
While munching on a slice of pizza, Cuban dictator Fidel Castro denies that he has critics and assures Flores that the answers to his policies will all be revealed soon. Writer Truman Capote sips Bloody Marys and insists he feels uneasy about success after the release of his blockbuster novel, "In Cold Blood," While killer Ted Bundy shocks the judge, attorneys, and bailiffs in an Orlando courtroom, Flores is there to record the reactions.
In a society that is so intent on gazing into the future, we too often forget to look back to what changed our lives-the past. Relive history, and the people who made it, in this remarkable memoir from one of America's most gifted journalists.

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