Black Excel African American Student's College Guide: Your One-Stop Resource for Choosing the Right College, Getting In, and Paying the Bill

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August 2000



From the nation's top African American college help service comes a comprehensive, one-stop guide to finding a college, getting in, paying the bill, and much more. Isaac Black, an experienced youth counselor and founder of Black Excel: The College Help Network, provides African American students and their families with insider tips on the entire admissions process, including advice on choosing the right school, getting into the elite colleges, writing a powerful essay, preparing for college boards, and packaging the application. Coverage also includes profiles of the top twenty-five historically black colleges, top seventy-five mainstream colleges for African American students, and Black Excel's exclusive list of hundreds of scholarships.-- Black Excel will promote the book through their numerous appearances at college fairs and high schools, as well as through their popular Web site and newsletter.


GETTING IN: NAVIGATING THE ADMISSIONS PROCESS. Getting Started: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions. Picking a College: What You Know Can Help You. Packaging Your Application. Have You Been Naughty or Nice?: Your High School Record. Your Test Scores: Beat the Bell Curve! The Essay: Your Life Preserver. Recommendations: You'd Better Beware! Black College vs. White College: Which Is Better for You? The Top Schools: Can You Do a Four-Minute Mile? If You've Messed Up Just a Little: "Need a Second Chance" Students. Transferring: Oops, Let's Do It Again! THE GET-THE-MONEY GUIDE: FINANCIAL AID, LOANS, AND SCHOLARSHIPS. Financial Aid: Rules, Myths, and Misconceptions. Loans and Debt. Scholarships (or, Make Somebody Else Pay!). Scholarship Sources. THE COLLEGES. Top Colleges for African American Students. Black Arts: Colleges of Art, Film, and the Performing Arts. Appendices.


ISAAC BLACK, the founder, is a youth counselor who has received widespread recognition for his work. He has helped thousands of students navigate the college admissions process, appeared regularly at college fairs and high schools, and lectured for community and cultural organizations, such as the Urban League.
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