Sentiments and Acts

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Dezember 1993



Drawing on the example of Deutscher's earlier research as well as cognate work by ethnomethodologists, this volume provides a more complex and valid account of the relationship between what we say and what we do. Going well beyond the interpersonal level, the authors explore the problematics of symbolic language and suggest a relevant line of investigation for those doing applied work in the nexus of human relations. Irwin Deutscher is professor emeritus of sociology at the University of Akron. Fred P. Pestello is President of Le Moyne College. H. Frances G. Pestello is professor and chair of the department of sociology at the University of Dayton.


"A sequel to the landmark study, What We Say/What We Do: Sentiments and Acts (1973). The authors update and elaborate their previous theoretical and methodological critiques of the vast sociological literature on the relationship between what people say and what they do... Extremely thorough index and references. Highly recommended. Advanced undergraduate; graduate; faculty." --S. G. Mestrovi'c, Choice
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