Apparel Making in Fashion Design

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November 2001



This text offers a complete picture of the process of individual garment construction following the exact techniques used in the industry. The unique feature of this book is its presentation of each garment as a whole concept. With numerous diagrams and easy-to-follow instructions, students master the principles of design and flat pattern to create an individual item of apparel. Each chapter begins with the introduction of a basic sloper and follows with an explanation of the whole production process making a garment from pattern drafting to garment construction, including lining, interfacing, and markers. The balance of each chapter covers techniques for altering separate pattern pieces.


* How to Measure * General Information * The Sloper * The Skirt * The Pant * The Dart * Details * The Collar * The Sleeve * The Blouse * One-Piece Dress TEXT FEATURES * Step-by-step instructions and diagrams * Instructions on how to alter garments * Chapter on dresses covers more advanced clothing elements * Glossary of key terms


Injoo Kim is assistant professor in the School of Design at the University of Cincinnati. She was a designer in Korea and has freelanced with Proctor Gamble and J. Peterman, Inc. Kim is also a member of the International Textiles and Apparel Association.
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