Introducing Birds to Young Naturalists: From Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazine

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Juni 1989



Ever see a child stop, head cocked, to listen to a particularly beautiful birdsong? Or did you ever watch the fascination of a child looking for the first time into a nest of tiny eggs or holding the red feather some cardinal left on the ground? Birds can be a neverending source of wonder and joy for childrenas for the child in each of usand this colorful volume alluringly invites children of all ages to enter the world of birds. Here you and your child can learn about feathers, how eggs form, why birds have different types of beaks and feet, why birds sing, and what stimulates feeding responses. The book shows how to set up a winter feeding station, build a bird house, identify some birds by their silhouettes, and recognize some common songs. Here are bluebirds, cardinals, pyrrhuloxias, woodpeckers, killdeer, owls, cuckoos, doves, pigeons, mockingbirds, jays, and hummingbirds. Top outdoor photographers whose names appear regularly in "Texas Parks & Wildlife" magazine lend their skills to the visual usefulness and beauty of this book. Color photographs bring to life the birds and their habitats, and the subjects are further illustrated with sketches and howto drawings where needed. Each chapter offers Ilo Hiller's extensive research into the subject filtered through her clear grasp of the child'seye view of the world. A child thus introduced to birdlife will live forever in a richer, more inviting world.


Ilo Hiller is associate editor of "Texas Parks & Wildlife" magazine. She has been writing the popular "Young Naturalist" series of articles for the magazine since 1972 and is author of "Young Naturalist: ""From"" Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine."
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