James and Jude

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The first commentary to focus exclusively on the letters of James and Jude.


Part I. Introduction: 1. Authors; 2. Dates; 3. Occasions; 4. Literary relationships; 5. Reception and interpretation; 6. The texture of texts; Part II. Selected Reading List: 7. Inner and inter-textures; 8. Socio-cultural texture; 9. Ideological texture; 10. Sacred and homiletical texture; 11. Commentaries on the Letter of James; 12. Studies on James; 13. Articles on the Letter of James; 14. Commentaries and books on Jude; 15. Studies and articles on Jude; 16. Special studies; Part III. Commentary: 17. James 1:1-27: that you may be mature and complete; 18. James 2:1-26: I by my works will show you my faith; 19. James 3:1-18: teachers, tongues and righteousness; 20. James 4:1-17: conflict, friendship, and what tomorrow may bring; 21. James 5:1-20: cries, patience, and prayer: the Lord is near; 22. The Letter of Jude: have mercy on some who are wavering.




'This book is a stimulating commentary that forms a distinctive and valuable contribution both to scholarly debate and to the pulpit.' Journal for the Study of the New Testament 'Brosend's commentary on James and Jude is sensitive not only to the structure of the ancient documents, but also to homiletical issues. the text is written in lively style yet the author engages helpfully with recent scholarship.' Themelios
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