Design of Mechanical and Electrical Systems in Buildings

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November 2003



For courses in Lighting Design, Architectural Design, Interior Design, Electrical and Mechanical Systems Design, or Environmental Control Systems in departments of architecture and construction.
Using a concise and logical format that explains fundamentals in very simple terms-yet extensively-this text helps students develop a working knowledge of the design decisions, equipment options, and operations of different building sub-systems. Readers will learn to design, size, and detail the different sub-systems installations, select fixtures and components, and integrate all the building sub-systems with site, building, foundations, structure, materials, and finishes.


I. LIGHTING. 1. Light and Perception. 2. Lighting Metrics. 3. Lamps. 4. Lighting Design. 5. Sunlight and Daylight. 6. Design Examples. 7. Lighting Numbers. II. ELECTRICAL. 8. Electrical Basics. 9. Generation and Distribution. 10. Residential Electrical Design. 11. Commercial Electrical Design. 12. Example Office Building. 13. Energy Profiles. III. HEATING, VENTILATING, AND AIR CONDITIONING. 14. Terms, Comforts, and Psychrometrics. 15. Heat Loss and Gain. 16. Heating and Cooling Equipment. 17. Building Air Conditioning. 18. Air Distribution. 19. Annual Costs. 20. Efficient Designs. 21. Demand, Solar Heating, and First Estimates. IV. WATER AND PLUMBING. 22. Water Supply and Wastewater. 23. Site and Roof Water Drainage. 24. Building Plumbing. 25. Plumbing Examples. 26. Water Supply for Fire Protection and HVAC. Index.
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