Re-Inventing Africa: Matriarchy, Religion and Culture

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This book reveals how conventional anthropology has consistently imposed European ideas of the "natural" nuclear family, women as passive object, and class differences on a continent with a long history of women with power doing things differently. Amadiume argues for an end to anthropology and calls instead for a social history of Africa, by Africans.


Introduction: writing Africa - African social history and the sociology of history. Part I Writing history: the matriarchal roots of Africa; race and gender - Cheikh Anta Diop's moral philosophy; theorizing matriarchy in Africa - kinship ideologies and socio-cultural systems in Africa and Europe; women's achievements in African political systems - transforming culture for 500 years; gender and social movements in Africa - a west African experience; gender and the contestation of religion - a historical perspective on African societies. Part II De-colonizing history: African women and politics - a history of transformation; cycles of western imperialism - feminism, race, gender, class and power; in the company of women - love, struggle, class and our feminisms.


'A new understanding of Africa is the clear call expounded in this excellent book... [The author's] work skilfully points out to what she believes to be the most urgent project in African scholarship: deconstruction, demystification and decolonisation of received colonial African history.' - "New People, Volume 31, November 1988"'Serve[s] to expose and and promote awareness of disciplinary rootedness in ethno- and andro-centrio bias and offer[s] positive directions for a revision of scholarship... provocative and occasionally damning.' - "Journal of African History, Volume 40, 1999"
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