Component Based Software Engineering

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"Component-Based Software Engineering" addresses the substantial research efforts taking place at SEI that focus on the development, deployment, operation, and evolution of component-based systems. The book explores many issues critical to component-based software engineering. It provides the reader with a foundation on which this approach to software development can be better understood, applied, and improved. The text focuses on a number of vital themes that run throughout the work being carried out by the SEI. These themes identify the primary considerations in moving from a traditional development approach to a component-based approach; evaluating software components, assembling components within an appropriate software architecture, and introducing and evolving a component-based system.


Preface: Foundations for Component-Based Software Engineering. PART I. INTRODUCTION. From Subroutines to Subsystems: Component-Based Software Development (P.C. Clements). Engineering of Component-Based Systems (A.W. Brown and K.C. Wallnau). PART II. SOFTWARE EVALUATION. Predicting Software Quality by Architecture-Level Evaluation (P. Clements, et al.). A Framework for Systematic Evaluation of Software technologies (A.W. Brown and K.C. Wallnau). Assessing the Quality of Large, Software-Intensive Systems: A Case Study (A.W. Brown, et al.). PART III. SOFTWARE ARCHITECTURE. Software Architecture: An Executive Overview (P.C. Clements and L.N. Northrop). Toward a Distributed, Mediated Architecture for Workflow Management (K. Wallnau, et al.). A Situated Evaluation of the Object Management Group's (OMG) Object Management Architecture (OMA) (E. Wallace and K.C. Wallnau). The Gadfly: An Approach to Architectural-Level System Comprehension (P. Clements, et al.). PART IV. SOFTWARE UNDERSTANDING AND EVOLUTION. Reengineering: An Engineering Problem (P.H. Feiler). Coming Attractions in Program Understanding (S. Tilley and D. Smith). Discovering a System Modernization Decision Framework: A Case Study in Migrating to Distributed Object Technology (E. Wallace, et al.). Evolving Dependable Real Time Systems (L.Sha, et al.). Modernization of Software Maintenance Practices Using Computer-Aided Sub-Processes (CASPs) (A.W.Brown).
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