Watching from a Distance: A Stroll Through Time and Place

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August 2000



Traveling across time and through different countries, Abe was always watching people going about their daily business. When a tornado sweeps across the country it leaves heroes and idealists alone. People look, when calm is restored, to see what remains and start worrying about their personal problems all over again. They feel trapped in a hall of mirrors, which reflect and distort their forms. There is always a new image and their original forms become unrecognizable. Outside the hall of mirrors they start to sort out their problems, and life goes on...


Ibrahim Yared was born in Egypt in 1925 and trained as an electrical engineer. He worked in Lebanon as a consultant for fifty years before retiring. He is the author of In the Middle of Nowhere: A Quest for Belonging and A Cage Without Bars, also published by Saqi Books.

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