Electronic and Electrical Servicing

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A new edition of a title which has been the market leading electronic servicing text for over twenty years.


LEVEL 2 MATERIAL COVERED IN THE PRINTED BOOK Unit 1 - D.c. technology, components and circuits: 1 Direct current technology 2 Conductors, insulators, semiconductors and wiring 3 Resistors and resistive circuits Unit 2 - A.c. technology and electronic components: 4 Magnetism 5 Capacitance and capacitors 6 Waveforms Unit 3 - Electronic devices and testing: 7 Semiconductor diodes 8 Transistors Unit 4 - Electronic systems: 9 Other waveforms 10 Transducers and sensors 11 Transducers (2) 12 Electronic modules Unit 5 - Digital electronics: 13 Logic systems 14 Digital oscillators, timers and dividers 15 Digital inputs and outputs Unit 6 - Radio and television systems technology: 16 Home entertainment systems 17 Frequency modulation 18 Television systems 19 Television receivers Unit 8 - PC technology: 20 The personal computer 21 Installing a PC 22 Keyboard, mouse and monitors 23 Drives 24 Printers 25 Health and safety Answers to multiple-choice questions Index LEVEL 3 MATERIAL COVERED IN FREE DOWNLOADS OR PRINT-ON-DEMAND BOOK Unit 1 - Electronic principles: 26 Sine wave driven circuits 27 Transformers and power transfer 28 Semiconductors, active devices and transducers Unit 2 - Test and measurement: 29 Meters and data 30 The analogue oscilloscope 31 Test and measurement 32 Rework, repair, reliability, safety and European Union directives Unit 3 - Analogue electronics: 33 Direct current power supplies 34 Analogue amplifiers 35 Oscillators and waveform generators Unit 4 - Digital electronics: 36 Logic families and terminology 37 Sequential logic 38 Digital communications 39 Test equipment and fault-finding Answers to multiple-choice questions Index


Ian Sinclair was born in 1932 in Tayport, Fife, and graduated from the University of St. Andrews in 1956. In that year, he joined the English Electric Valve Co. in Chelmsford, Essex, to work on the design of specialised cathode-ray tubes, and later on small transmitting valves and TV transmitting tubes. In 1966, he became an assistant lecturer at Hornchurch Technical College, and in 1967 joined the staff of Braintree College of F.E. as a lecturer. His first book, "Understanding Electronic Components" was published in 1972, and he has been writing ever since, particularly for the novice in Electronics or Computing. The interest in computing arose after seeing a Tandy TRS80 in San Francisco in 1977, and of his 204 published books, about half have been on computing topics, starting with a guide to Microsoft Basic on the TRS80 in 1979. He left teaching in 1984 to concentrate entirely on writing, and has also gained experience in computer typesetting, particularly for mathematical texts. He has recently visited Seattle to see Microsoft at work, and to remind them that he has been using Microsoft products longer than most Microsoft employees can remember. Ian Sinclair is the author of the following Made Simple books: Lotus 1-2-3- (2.4 DOS version) MS-DOS (up to version 6.22) PagePlus for Windows 3.1 Hard drives He is also the author of many other books published under our Newnes imprint.Visit Ian's website at
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