Burial and Ancient Society

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This study explores the relationship between burial rituals and social structures in Early Iron Age Greece.


List of figures and tables; Preface and acknowledgements; 1. Introduction: the argument; Part I: 2. The living and the dead; 3. The social dimensions of early Greek burial; Part II: 4. Demography and space; 5. The burying groups; 6. Exclusion and retrieval; 7. Mortuary and display; 9. Pottery and population; Part III: 10. The rise of the polis; 11. Conclusion; Appendices; Bibliography; Site index; General index.


'Burial and Ancient Society by Ian Morris is an important book ... Unconvinced by the arguments for very rapid population growth and population decline in Attica ... Morris argues that the evidence reflects changes in the proportion of the total population buried in archaeologically visible ways, rather than changes in the size of the population ... No doubt the debate will continue, but this is a significent contribution to it.' Greece & Rome
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