First Love, Last Rites

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August 1997



A reversion from Picador, new in Vintage paperback.


Ian McEwan is the author of two collections of stories and twelve previous novels, including Enduring Love, Amsterdam, for which he won the Booker Prize in 1998, Atonement and, most recently, Solar.


"A talented and genuine imaginative writer. McEwan's details often grow into strange, powerful images - the ironies, throughout this impressive collection, are tellingly weighted" -- Julian Barnes "A writer of uncanny power" Time "Ian McEwan writes to shock and succeeds... All his stories have a feeling of impending evil - it is a tour de force of concision, and funny, too, in a deadpan manner" Times Literary Supplement "His writing is exact, tender, funny, voluptuous, disturbing" The Times "A brilliant performance" Observer
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