Spatial Neglect

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Spatial neglect is a profound clinical problem as well as an intriguing scientific problem. In the last ten years, there has been an explosion of interest in this disorder, which as a result is no longer viewed as a single entity, but rather as a number of different disorders. This book is an attempt to bring the reader up to date with the latest advances in understanding neglect, at least insofar as this contributes to better clinical assessment, management and treatment. This is not a book for the specialist researcher in the neuropsychology of neglect and attention; rather, it is a book aimed at clinicians - student and trained - from all disciplines involved in the assessment, management and treatment of neglect. The book begins with the description of four cases manifesting different types of unilateral neglect, through which the reader is introduced to different aspects of neglect. These distinctions include those between personal and extrapersonal neglect, motor versus sensory neglect, and many others. The reader is also introduced to other phenomena closely related to neglect, including anosognosia and impaired sustained attention. The latest methods of assessment of neglect are also described, as are methods of treatment, again with reference to the four introductory specimen cases.


Clinical Presentation of Visual Neglect. Clinical Issues for the Understanding of Neglect. Assessment of Visual Neglect. Assessment of Neglect and Related Phenomena. Natural Recovery, Variability and Early Attempts to Treat Neglect. Alternative Attempts to Treat Visual Neglect.


'This monograph admirably fulfills its mission, which is to provide a succinct but comprehensive overview of the clinical assessment and rehabilitation of neglect disorders.' - Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society
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