The Seven Good Years: And Other Stories of I. L. Peretz

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Februar 2004



Readers of all ages will be captivated by Hautzig's skillful and sensitive translations of I. L. Peretz's tales from eastern Europe. Peretz, considered one of the greatest writers of modern Yiddish literature, wrote of the magical quality of kindness and the bitter fruits of blind faith. First published by JPS in 1984, this book is now being reissued after many years out of print. The charming stories and evocative drawings make this collection a treasure that will delight all ages. I. L. Peretz, 1859-1915, captured the essence of eastern European Jewish life in his writings. Born in Poland in 1859, he eventually settled in Warsaw and became a leader of the movement within the Jewish community to establish and develop Yiddish as a modern, secular, literary language. His early work was written in Hebrew and most of his later work in Yiddish. All of his writings are imbued with a warm understanding of Jewish life.


"These captivating tales will introduce ... readers to the magic of one of the fathers of Yiddish literature."-Village Voice
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