The Politics of School Choice

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September 1999



The Politics of School Choice is the first comprehensive examination of diverse efforts to promote tax credits, public vouchers, private scholarships, and charter schools. Morken and Formicola provide the most current national report on the burgeoning American school choice movement. They analyze the strategies and tactics being used by a wide variety of individuals and organizations to leverage change, pass laws, win court cases, and mobilize community support to build successful, winning, school choice coalitions.


Hubert Morken is professor of government at the Robertson School of Government, Regent University. Jo Renee Formicola is associate professor of political science at Seton Hall University.


At last a book on school choice by able social scientists that takes us beyond the ideological battles into the fascinating story of the politics and personalities of school choice proponents. This book is an unparalleled resource for those interested in the politics of school choice: grounded in specifics, thoughtful in its discussions of strategies, and delightfully accessible to the reader. -- Robert Booth Fowler, University of Wisconsin [Morken and Formicola] provide an excellent overview of the difficulties of building a coalition of diverse groups in pursuit of a political goal. A useful study of American politics for anyone interested in the politics of education. -- M.Engel CHOICE Mr. Morken and Mrs. Formicola's book is at its best when they are describing the philosophical differences between school choice advocates or when they discuss state battles. The Washington Times Morken and Formicola have done the field of political science a great service in providing the first comprehensive treatment of the school choice movement. I highly recommend this volume for everyone involved in the school choice issue-from the activist to the scholar in political science. The stories told in this volume put faces to a very complex issue in American public policy. Finally, the book is very well written. Journal Of Church and State The Politics of School Choice is the first book that comprehensively and thoroughly describes the emerging, growing school choice movement. It does so in a careful, scholarly manner ... filling a significant gap. It is likely to be widely commented on and to appeal to a wide audience. -- Stephen Monsma, Pepperdine University
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