12 Hours to a Great Marriage: A Step-By-Step Guide for Making Love Last

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This is an easy-to-use version of the world's most successful marriage enhancement program.


Acknowledgments. Introduction: Stepping Up to the Plate. PART I: Getting to First. Hour 1: Taking a Positive Attitude. Hour 2: Simple Techniques for Talking Safely and Clearly. Hour 3: Handling Your Issues. Hour 4: Solving Your Problems. Hour 5: Great Ground Rules for a Great Relationship. PART II: Reaching Second. Hour 6: Having Fun. Hour 7: Enhancing Your Love Life. Hour 8: Sharing Values and Core Beliefs. PART III: Rounding Third. Hour 9: Meeting Expectations. Hour 10: Forgiving. PART IV: Safe at Home. Hour 11: Being Friends. Hour 12: Making the Commitment. Epilogue: Keeping the Program in Play. Getting More Help When There Are Serious Problems. Resources and Training. Selected Research and References. About the Authors.


Twelve hours to a better marriage, questionable; 12 hours to read the book, feasible. Three of the team of authors who wrote Fighting for Your Marriage expand on that title's speaker-listener techniques with advice on commitment, forgiveness, and expectations. The program represents a no-fuss beginning point for couples starting to realize that marriage is hard work. The writing is direct and effective, and the entire exercise is palatably presented like a baseball game (first base is talking, second is having fun, and so on). The usual, undocumented "reference shows" vagaries abound, unfortunately, and advice, though sound, can be both unoriginal ("how you and your partner treat each other is key") and generic ("work to identify and decrease negative behaviors and increase positive ones"). Still, the techniques are workable and deceptively simple (e.g., "soften your tone"), even if they depend heavily on reader determination. Less a rescue manual for troubled marriages than a Cliff's Notes for a successful one, this is an optional purchase for public libraries, which might also consider Laurel Mellin's The Pathway: Follow the Road to Health and Happiness. (Library Journal, November 15, 2003)
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