A Cursing Brain?: The Histories of Tourette Syndrome

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September 2000



"A Cursing Brain?" traces the problematic classification of Tourette syndrome through three distinct but overlapping stories: the claims of medical knowledge, patients' experiences, and cultural expectations and assumptions.


Kushner combines the virtues of a detective story with those of a well-documented medical history in a fascinating narrative of the development of the knowledge about, treatments of, and medical and lay attitudes toward Tourette's Syndrome (TS) patients. The word "histories" in the subtitle points to a major TS reality. Many theories of TS have led into blind alleys and disputes that have not been resolved. Kushner takes us down these paths and brings to life the investigators and propagandists who sought data or pushed their own views with little to back them up. He shows us that even the name of the malady appeared and disappeared as psychological and organic causes rose and fell in favor. Many who intend merely to sample the scholarly book may wind up devouring it.--William Beatty "Booklist "
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