Live While You Preach: The Autobiography of Methodist Revivalist and Abolitionist John Wesley Redfield (1810-1863)

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John Wesley Redfield (1810-1863), controversial 'lay' evangelist in the Methodist Episcopal and later Free Methodist churches, was the cofounder of the Free Methodist Church and in the 1840s and 50s had a broad ministry in the M.E. Church and beyond. An outspoken abolitionist, Redfield was controversial among Methodist leaders and in the M.E. press as his revivals typically were marked by dramatic emotional manifestations, including people being slain in the Spirit and dramatic conversions.


Part 1 Foreword Part 2 Series Editor's Preface Part 3 Preface Part 4 Apparatus Part 5 Biographical Introduction: John Wesley Redfield Part 6 Chronology Part 7 The Text Chapter 8 I. Redfield's Apologia Chapter 9 II. Birth and Early Call Chapter 10 III. Redfield Resists the Call to Preach Chapter 11 IV. Assisting a Methodist Preacher Chapter 12 V. Rejection of Call; Wanderings Chapter 13 VI. Redfield's Unfortunate Marriage Chapter 14 VII. Licensed to Preach Chapter 15 VIII. Abolitionism: "Proclaim the Jubilee of God" Chapter 16 IX. Seeking Holiness: "By faith alone" Chapter 17 X. Evaluating Impressions: "Faith, fancy, intuition" Chapter 18 XI. New York City: "Unearthly power lifted me" Chapter 19 XII. "Resolved to make a business of seeking holiness" Chapter 20 XIII. Phoebe and Walter Palmer: "I feared them" Chapter 21 XIV. "A remarkable dream fulfilled to the letter" Chapter 22 XV. "If you want revival, seek holiness" Chapter 23 XVI. "Led to review my history" Chapter 24 XVII. Expanding Revival Minsitry, 1844-1846 Chapter 25 XVIII. "New fields opening" Chapter 26 XIX. "Jesus cures both soul and body" Chapter 27 XX. "Ain't I dying?" Chapter 28 XXI. Phoebe Palmer: "These strange facts" Chapter 29 XXII. "Entering the harvest field with all my might" Chapter 30 XXIII. Continue Stressing Holiness? Chapter 31 XXIV. The 1846 Middletown, Connecticut, Revival Chapter 32 XXV. Revival Ministry in the East, 1846-1850 Chapter 33 XXVI. Philadelphia: "Operations next to Pentecostal" Chapter 34 XXVII. Newburgh Camp Meeting: "Gusts of power" Chapter 35 XXVIII. Further Revivals Chapter 36 XXIX. Redfield Meets Fay Purdy Chapter 37 XXX. Prison Ministry in New York Chapter 38 XXXI. Ministry in Bridgeport, Connecticut Chapter 39 XXXII. Revivals in Connecticut Chapter 40 XXXIII. Summer Camp Meetings Chapter 41 XXXIV. Encountering Paranormal Phenomena Chapter 42 XXXV. Return to Syracuse, New York Chapter 43 XXXVI. Pentecost: Dog's Ideal Church Chapter 44 XXXVII. Redfield Visits His Boyhood Home Chapter 45 XXXVIII. Revival Ministry in Western New York Chapter 46 XXXIX. Redfield's "Most Splendid Mansion" Chapter 47 XL. Ministry with B.T. Roberts in Buffalo, 1853 Chapter 48 XLI. The 1854-55 Burlington Revival Chapter 49 XLII. Redfield's Second Marriage Chapter 50 XLIII. Ministry in "The West" Chapter 51 XLIV. Revival in Marengo and Woodstock, Illinois Chapter 52 XLV. Ministry in Wisconsin Chapter 53 XLVI. St. Louis, Missouri, 1858-59 Chapter 54 XLVII. Ministry in Illinois; Growing Controversy Chapter 55 XLVIII. Return to St. Louis, 1860 Chapter 56 XLIX. Redfield's Stroke, Visions, and Decline Chapter 57 L. Pentecost: God's Ideal for the Church Chapter 58 LI. Entering into Jesus' Sufferings Chapter 59 LII. Suffering and the Plan of Salvation Chapter 60 LIII. Redfield Assesses Early Free Methodism Chapter 61 LIV. The Bible versus Rationalism and Spiritualism Chapter 62 LV. Methodism, Slavery, and the Civil War Chapter 63 LVI. Last Things Chapter 64 LVII. Final Return to Syracuse Part 65 Bibliography Part 66 Index


Howard A. Snyder is Professor of the History and Theology of Mission at the E. Stanley Jones School of World Mission and Evangelism, Asbury Theological Seminary. He is the author of a series of books on the church and its form and mission.


Dr. Snyder has done Methodist historians a great service with his meticulous editing of Redfield's entertaining, startlingly vivid autobiography. Methodist History American revivalist Redfield resisted the creeping respectability as Methodists began building large churches with stained glass and organs and tolerating dancing, card playing, novel reading, and jewelry. His recollections reveal a particular position within the debate that wracked the denomination during the 19th century. Published in collaboration with the Center for the Study of World Christian Revitalization Movements, Asbury Theological Seminary. Reference and Research Book News, August 2006
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