One Minute with God for Women

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Hope Lyda, author of the popular One-Minute Prayers series (more than 420,000 copies sold), shares inspiration, motivation, and spiritual nourishment in devotions created for a woman's busy life. With scriptures, prayers, and insights to build up a woman's faith, this gathering of devotions provides the gifts of wonder and joy deeper relationship with God encouragement for the tough stuff celebration of a daily faith reminders of mercy and grace Perfectly sized to take along for lunch breaks or pauses in hectic schedules, "One Minute with God for Women" directs readers to the comfort and renewal found in God's presence.


Hope Lyda has a heart for inviting people to experience the still and quiet voice of God in their lives. She has worked in publishing for more than 15 years and is the author of numerous popular books, including One-Minute Prayers for Women and more than a dozen other titles in the One-Minute Prayers series (more than 850,000 copies sold), along with Prayers for My Dear Friend, One Minute with God, and In a Still and Quiet Place.
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