The Return of Sacred Architecture: The Golden Ratio and the End of Modernism

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November 2006



In early times, the architect worked within a sacred and esoteric tradition, incorporating ancient laws of proportion and number that expressed the harmonious relationship between man and the cosmos. Today, that tradition has been abandoned in favor of efficiency and economy. Architect Herbert Bangs urges a return to the sacred principles built into the temples of the past.


Herbert Bangs was a designer for R. R. Buckminster Fuller's architectural firm, Geodesics, and was the Baltimore County architect and principal master planner. He and his wife live in a solar home he designed and built in Ruxton, Maryland.


"The thesis is well presented, enhanced by numerous illustrations and examples and enlivened by personal glimpses of leading designers and architects. Such clear-sighted candor and spiritual solutions are overdue, refreshing, and very encouraging."--Light of Consciousness, Summer 2008
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