Portfolios for Technical and Professional Communicators

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Juni 2006



A short, practical guide that discusses how to create professional paper and electronic portfolios. It covers the portfolio-building process and reinforces text concepts using guidelines, exercises, assignments and student examples. It covers design and content issues important to technical and professional communicators, and integrates examples specific to the profession. Unique chapters offer coverage of portfolios and legal issues, portfolios and the job search, and how to use portfolios in interviews and on the job. Provides a structured approach for creating portfolios developed specifically for technical and professional communicators. Covers both paper and electronic portfolios. Provides detailed coverage of both of these popular formats, noting the advantages and disadvantages of each. Provides detailed coverage of how to tailor paper and electronic portfolios for specific job requirements. Outlines the legal and ethical concerns related to portfolios. KET Developed specifically for technical and professional communicators.


1. What is a Portfolio? 2. Creating a Portfolio Identity and Audience 3. Portfolios and Legal Issues 4. Portfolio Contents, Design and Structure 5. The Electronic Portfolio 6. Revising for Portfolio Quality 7. Getting Feedback: Responding and Revising Portfolios 8. Portfolios and the Job Search: Getting Prepared 9. Using Portfolios in Interviews and on the Job: The Role of the Portfolio in the Changing Workplace 10. Conclusion: Portfolios as Evolving Documents APPENDIX
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