Epidemic Stupidity

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April 2007



Lurking behind the doors of many public schools is a condition more insidious than the most dreadful disease. Cleverly disguised as a remedy for the condition itself, it is affecting our young people en masse due to its surreptitious nature. Despite triumphs of modern science in combating unseen microbes, the imperceptible world of misguided pedagogy is often more mysterious and dangerous than most can imagine. Consequently, school children in America today are becoming afflicted with a devastating condition: mental scurvy. When the often-misunderstood symptoms become full blown, intellectual invalids naturally result. Time may be the only barrier to epidemic stupidity taking over our society. Our nation is in peril. The Center for Disease Control is utterly helpless. You are the last hope! Mental scurvy silently contaminates the intellect. It destroys individual and national vigor and strength. It preys upon ignorance and complacency. However, it can be stopped. This book is an attempt to halt and reverse the shocking effects of mental scurvy. In it, you will find - in layman's terms - a diagnosis and treatment of this condition plaguing our public schools today. Find out how you can help, and avoid being afflicted, before it is too late!

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