Early Modern European Society

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Surveys the sweeping changes affecting Europe from the end of the fifteenth century to the early decades of the eighteenth century. At a time when the concept of Europe itself was a nebulous idea, the book draws together common features of society from a range of different contexts throughout Europe, from Italy and Spain to Poland and Russia. Focusing on the two themes of the basic social structures of Europe over the period, and aspects of change in social attitudes, the author examines the significance of broad community-based norms and the development of social disciplines at all levels.
Drawing on the great success of his earlier works, "The Iron Century" (1971) and "European Society, 1500-1700," as well as a large number of other recent writings, Kamen includes discussion on: European identities, frontiers and language; leisure, work and migration; religion, ritual and witchcraft; the aristocracy, the bourgeoisie and the poor; gender roles and Social discipline and absolutism.


1. Identities and Horizons 2. Leisure, Work and Movement 3. Communities of Belief 4. The Ruling Elite 5. The Middle Elite 6. Solidarities and Resistance 7. Gender Roles 8. Social Discipline and Marginality 9. Modernization and the Individual 10. The Absolute State


"As one might expect from a historian of such standing, this volume presents a well-researched and well-written survey of the subject. It would be an excellent book for undergraduate students, and yet its caliber and clarity make it useful to researchers and other historians.... These 10 chapters present a thorough, readable, and informative overview of early modern society. Although each paragraph is densely packed with information and analysis, the work is not beyond the reach of undergraduates or the general public. The quality and quantity of material presented, however, also makes this an extremely valuable book for the specialist historian. In sum, this volume is what its title promises: a history and analysis of early modern European society. "Early Modern European Society."
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