Javanese Cats. Javanese Cat Owners Manual. Javanese Cats care, personality, grooming, health and feeding all included.

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The Javanese cat is a brilliant cat breed for you to check out. This cat is handsome and beautiful. A truly fine cat that can be ideal to have as a companion in your life.

This book covers all the important details about the breed ranging from how to take care of the cat to learning about its personality, grooming the cat, feeding and taking care of the cat's health in general. This book covers the life of the cat from birth to the aging cat.

When we welcome these animals into our houses, they become part and parcel of our everyday lives; they become family, hence the need to document yourself with everything you need to make your cat happy and to make you a happy cat owner.

You will also learn how to train the cat, teaching some of the mannerisms that are important to establish and maintain a good rapport between the cat and the rest of the family members.
I wish you all the happiness as you welcome this lovely cat into your home.

Covered in this book:
- History
- Finding a reputable breeder
- Personality
- Supplies needed
- Behavior
- Bringing your cat home
- Basic care
- Training
- Grooming
- Feeding
- Travelling
- Daily care
- Costs
- Caring for your aging cat
...... and a lot more
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