Theory of Aspectuality: The Interaction Between Temporal and Atemporal Structure

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Mai 1996



Sentences may pertain to states or processes or events. they may express duration, frequency, habituality, and many other forms of temporality. How do they do this? It is the aspectual properties of sentences in natural languages which allow the user to express temporal structure, and Henk Verkuyl here presents a unified formal system to account for them.


Part I. Issues of Compositionality: 1. The plus-principle; 2. Aspectual classes and aspectual composition; Part II. Noun Phrase Structure: 3. The tools of generalised quantification; 4. In search of SQA; 5. Numerals and quantifiers: one level up; 6. Some problems of prenominal NP structure; 7. Determiner structure; 8. Some explorative issues; Part III. Temporal Structure: 9. Homogeneity; 10. Localism and additive structure; 11. Event semantics and aspect construal; 12. Aspect and perspective; 13. Event construal; 14. Testing the plus-principle; Conclusion; Notes; References; Index.


' ... thoroughly and convincingly argued ... [it] deserves to be on the reading list of every semanticist.' Journal of Linguistics
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