Local Analysis for the Odd Order Theorem

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Dezember 2004



The book presents a new version of the local analysis section of the Feit Thompson theorem.


Part I. Preliminary Results: 1. Notation and elementary properties of solvable groups; 2. General results on representations; 3. Actions of Frobenius groups and related results; 4. p-Groups of small rank; 5. Narrow p-groups; 6. Additional results; Part II. The Uniqueness Theorem: 7. The transitivity theorem; 8. The fitting subgroup of a maximal subgroup; 9. The uniqueness theorem; Part III. Maximal Subgroups: 10. The subgroups Ma and Me; 11. Exceptional maximal subgroups; 12. The subgroup E; 13. Prime action; Part IV. The Family of All Maximal Subgroups of G: 14. Maximal subgroups of type p and counting arguments; 15. The subgroup Mf; 16. The main results; Appendix; Prerequisites and p-stability.


'This book is written well ... the authors have succeeded both in simplifying the proof of the Odd Order Theorem and in making it accessible to a wider audience.' Paul Flavell, Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society
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