Little Girl Lost, Little Girl Found

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November 2014




Dr. Scieszka's portrayal of her characters are quite accurate; as is the path of recovery and healing that these victims and their damaged inner child embark upon.

"I highly recommend reading this great book!" Lori O'Connor

"I was drawn in from the very beginning and wanted to know more! The details of the character and what she is doing and thinking made me VERY interested and wanting to know more about the main character. EXCELLENT and intriguing story line." Peggy Reedy-Shallue


Helen A. Scieszka, Ph.D., affectionately known as "Dr. Helen," is a "cradle Catholic" raised in the Midwest but also lived on the west coast and has
degrees in Clinical Psychology and a special masters level certification in
Theology. Once retiring from her careers as an advertising executive,
therapist, college professor, parish Pastoral Associate and diocesan Married and Family life director she was finally able to focus on her lifetime love of writing.

Her education, career and life experiences, national and international travels, enjoyment of people with the belief that "everyone has a story", and her deep love of her Catholic Faith are all brought together in her stories.
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