Out of the Blue

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Oktober 2001



As in her fiction, these haunting narratives draw us into darkness, engaging our fears and hopes in poetry of rare luminosity. Dunmore's poems also cast a bright, revealing light on the living world, by land and sea, on love, longing, and loss. Out of the Blue presents a comprehensive selection from her seven previous books of poetry. It also includes a collection of completely new poems remarkable for their sensuous magic, sharp delicacy, and sureness of touch.


Helen Dunmore is a poet, novelist and children's writter. Her poetry books have been given the poetry Book Society Choice and recommendations, Cardiff International Poetry Prize, Alice Hunt Barlett Award and signal poetry Award. Her last collection, Bestiary,was short listed for the T.sElliot Prize. She has published seven novels and two books of short stories with vicking Penguin, including a spell of winter (1993), talking to the dead (1996), With your crooked heart (1999) and the seige (2001).
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Untertitel: Poems 1975-2001. Sprache: Englisch.
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