Hazel Court -- Horror Queen

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International star Hazel Court has been described as the 'Ultimate Scream Queen', due to her work with both Hammer Films and Roger Corman. She is the only actress to have worked with all of horror films' leading men - Boris Karloff, Peter Cushing, Vincent Price and Christopher Lee. But Hazel Court was so much more than a Scream Queen! She was one of England's top film actresses in the 40's and 50's as well as one of the world's top pin-ups. Hazel went on to have a high-profile career in US television in the 60's (Bonanza, Dr. Kildare, Rawhide, Mission Impossible, The Twilight Zone, Burke's Law, The Wild Wild West, and more). Her autobiography traces her path from her childhood in the West Midlands of England to Lake Tahoe; from famous actress to internationally acclaimed sculptor and artist. Hazel provides a unique and emotionally moving view of an English woman's life in Hollywood. Lavishly illustrated with rare photos - including some that you never thought you'd see!


Researching the Story;
John Prebble;
Developing the Screenplay;
Cy Enfield;
Creating the Characters;
Stanley Baker;
Making the Deal;
Casting the Actors;
Locations, Props and Costumes;
Working with Zulus;
Filming Under Apartheid;
Lights, Camera, Action;
Editing and Sound;
Music and Narration;
Publicity, Promotion and Premieres;
Release and Box-Office;
Reviews and Criticism;
Myths, Gaffes and Spoofs;
The Legacy of 'Zulu';


"Impeccably presented, the book features many rare stills from the archives, among them the fabled topless shot for the 'continental' version of The Man Who Could Cheat Death (extremely daring for 1959!)." -- Howard Maxford, Film Review, 2008. "...a wonderful personal trip down memory lane by a very special lady...highly entertaining..." -- Cinema Retro, 2008. "An absolute joy from start to finish..." Movie Memories Summer 2008
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