Fit for Life

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A diet and lifestyle programme that allows you to eat unlimited portions of the foods you like. "Fit for Life" reveals: principles to bring permanent weight loss and high energy; the secrets of timing and food combining that work with your natural body cycles; and a four-week meal plan, menus, recipes and shopping tips.


Harvey Diamond is known internationally as an author, teacher, and health consultant. He has devoted more than 28 years to the development of a true 'wellness' lifestyle. He taught nutritional science at the Institute of Holistic Studies in Santa Barbara, CA, and lectures on health and well-being to top corporations and organizations. He has appeared on hundreds of radio and TV programs, including Larry King Live, Oprah, Nightline, and Good Morning America. Marilyn Diamond has a certification of nutritional counseling from the American College of Health Science and has worked and studied in the nutrition/health field for over twenty years. They are the co-authors of Fit for Life and Living Health.


"A phenomenally successful health regime" Mail on Sunday
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