Let Go of Clutter

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Stop being a slave to stuff!An internationally acclaimed expert provides a total program for conquering ALL the clutter in your lifeMaximize your life by minimizing what's in it with "Miracle Worker" Harriet Schechter's tried-and-tested techniques for eliminating clutter. Let Go of Clutter answers the most frequently asked question, "Why do we keep all this stuff?" and shows you how to let go of clutter-not just reorganize it.Based on Schechter's two decades of helping thousands of people worldwide get uncluttered, Let Go of Clutter explains why "stuff" seems so hard to let go of and demonstrates how to shed objects and information without anxiety or regret. This fresh approach to clearing our cluttered lives provides a painless process for letting go and shows you how to overcome future clutter by managing the innate urge to acquire and accumulate.Discover new ways to: Quickly plow through piles of paper "Speed Weed" your files Manage mementos and memories Clear out wall-to-wall clutter in the garage and other areas Get rid of excess clothes, supplies, and "To Do's" And much more! Dispensing equal doses of help, hope, and humor, Harriet Schechter provides effective and realistic options for anyone juggling too much stuff, too many decisions, and too little time. Featuring easy-to-use forms and checklists to help you decide what to jettison and what to keep, Let Go of Clutter also includes action plans to lighten your load by conquering all types of clutter- past, present, and future.


<H2> Part One: The Past - Understanding Your Clutter Background.<H3> Why Letting Go Is Hard to Do.<H3> What Is Clutter?<H2> Part Two: The Present - Dealing With Your Current Clutter.<H3> Banishing your "Energy Enemies".<H3> Purging Papers and Preventing Piles.<H3> Conquering Stuff and Space.<H3> Shedding Sentimental Clutter.<H2> Part Three: The Future - Controlling Your Clutter Quota.<H3> Choosing to Be Choosy.<H3> Managing Mental Clutter.<H3> Afterword: More Top Clutter.<H4> Appendix A: Which Records to Keep and for How Long.<H3> Appendix B: Resources for Additional Help in Conquering Clutter.<H4> Index.


Harriet Schechter, a.k.a. "The Miracle Worker," is an internationally acclaimed pioneer in the professional organizing industry. She founded her San Diego-based company, The Miracle Worker Organizing Service, in 1986 ( and has taught the Learning Annex's popular "Letting Go of Clutter" workshop regularly since 1988.


A must-read for clutter victims. Schechter makes a complex subject manageable and fun. Her fireside chat writing style will make you laugh and get you motivated to put the kibosh on clutter. Case in point: Reading Let Go of Clutter propelled me toward several nasty mountains of filing that had been crying for my attention. Kansas City Star 20010213
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