Model Engineers' Workshop Projects

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April 2007



A project book including 18 designs for workshop equipment based on the author's popular articles published in Model Engineer's Workshop magazine. The projects are in themselves satisfying exercises in metalworking that once completed will make valuable additions to the model engineer's range of equipment.


Auxiliary Bench. Tapping Guides. Guided Tap Holder. Large Tap Wrench. Distance Gauges. Lathe Tool Height Gauge. Lathe Back Stop. Tailstock Die Holders. Face Plate and Angel Plate Clamps. Lathe Collets. Thin Piece Collets. Dial Test Indicator Accessories. Faceplate Balancing Fixture. Low Profile Clamps. Engineer's Sash Clamps. Tapping Stand.


Harold Hall was for a number of years the editor of Model Engineers' Workshop magazine and through its pages, he established himself as a mentor to tyro model engineers worldwide. He is the author of seven books in the indispensable Workshop Practice Series and lives in the Hertfordshire countryside. Harold Hall commenced an industrial apprenticeship in 1950 at the age of sixteen and worked as an electrical control systems engineer for thirty-five years before becoming editor of Model Engineer's Workshop magazine in 1991. Following retirement in 1995, he has continued to contribute metalworking articles to almost every issue of the magazine published since then. His crafting hobbies extend beyond model engineering to cabinet making, modelling, marquetry and pencil sketching.
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Untertitel: 'Workshop Practice'. 59 black and white photographs; 143 scale plans & line drawings. Sprache: Englisch.
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