Weaving the Net: Conditional Engagement with China

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China is emerging as a new great power in Asia. But what kind of power will China become--a wealthy trading partner or a belligerent adversary? Will expanding economic links between China and the world community bring about political moderation in Beijing? Or will it endow the Chinese leadership with all the money it needs to create a modern and even more dangerous People's Liberation Army? Weaving the Net argues for an American strategy that acknowledges and is fully prepared to deal with the vast uncertainty about China's future trajectory. ' Tough minded logic.... Weaving the Net ought to, and probably will, serve as the definitive guide to how and why American policy towards China will and should toughen.' The Economist ' Weaving the Net is a hard-hitting, well-reasoned argument for a sustainable U.S. policy toward China, and a stimulating exploration of an issue that will dominate the early 21st century.' Robert A. Scalapino, University of California, Berkeley ' ... makes the case that conditional engagement is better than conditional containment. To succeed, America has to persuade the Chinese that it is engagement, not containment, which is conditional.' Lee Kuan Yew, Senior Minister, Republic of Singapore ' ... a major contribution to the current debate on China policy. It identifies...ten principles to guide China policy and analyzes China's underlying economic and security trends.... The result is a very informative, terse book that should inform policymakers and opinion leaders.' Michael Oksenberg, Stanford University

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