The Identification of Slags from Archaeological Sites

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Januar 1982



This is a guide to the field identification and laboratory analysis of metallic slags found in archaeological sites.


IntroductionPART 1: Slags in GeneralIntroducing SlagsField Indentification of SlagsCheck List for Surveys of Archaeometallurgical SlagsLaboratory Identification of SlagsFormation of Metallurgical SlagsChemical and Phase Composition of SlagsSlag MineralsSecondary MineralsAdditional Slag PropertiesPART II: Catalogue of Selected ExamplesNon-metallurgical SlagsCopper Slag in Statu NascendiCopper Slags from Smelting Oxidic OresCopper Slags from Smelting Sulphidic Ores with Matte, etc.Copper Slags with Tin, Etc.Tin SlagsLead SlagsSpeissIron Slags from Smelting and SmithingAcknowledgementsRecommended Reading and ReferencesPlates


Hans-Gert Bachmann is an honorary professor at the University of Frankfurt am Main and at the Institute of Archaeology, University College, London, and author of The Lure of Gold (2006).
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