Emperor Constantine

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Oktober 2004



"Emperor Constantine" provides a convenient and concise introduction to one of the most important figures in ancient history. Taking into account the historiographical debates of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, Hans A. Pohlsander:
* describes the Roman world into which Constantine was born
* assesses Constantine's ability as a soldier and statesman
* emphasizes the significance of Constantine as Rome's first Christian emperor
* discusses the importance of the establishment of the new capital of Byzantium
* gives an even-handed assessment of Constantine's achievements.
This second edition is updated throughout to take into account the latest research on the subject. Also included is a revised introduction and an enlarged bibliography.


List of illustrations Acknowledgements Chronology Introduction 1 The soldier emperors and Diocletian 2 Constantine's rise to power 3 Constantine's conversion 4 Constantine as the sole ruler of the West 5 The conflict with Licinius 6 The Arian controversy, the Council of Nicaea and its aftermath 7 The crisis in the imperial family 8 The new Rome 9 Constantine's government 10 Constantine's final years, death and burial 11 Constantine's image in Roman art 12 An assessment Appendix 1 Appendix 2 Appendix 3 Appendix 4 Bibliography
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