Women Who Sexually Abuse Children

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September 2006



Until recently, the topic of female sexual offenders remained under-researched, and many incorrect assumptions and beliefs still surround the subject. This book is organised in to five parts around eleven chapters.


Foreword. Acknowledgements. Introduction. Part I: The Nature and Prevalence of Sexual Abuse by Women and our Understanding Of It. 1. The Prevalence of Sexual Abuse by Women. 2. How is Sexual Abuse by Women Conceptualised and Understood? 3. The Nature of Child Sexual Abuse Committed by Women. Part II: Contextualising Sexual Abuse by Women. 4. Potentially Relevant Factors in Sexual Abuse by Women. 5. Male Coercion of Females into Sexually Abusive Behaviour. 6. What Might Motivate Women to Sexually Abuse Children? Part III: The Consequences of Sexual Abuse by Women. 7. Is Sexual Abuse by Women Harmful? Part IV: Furthering our Understanding and Developing Work in this Field. 8. Aspects of Female Offending in Need of Further Research. 9. Intervening with Female Abusers: Treatment Needs, Methods and Outcomes. Part V: Widening our Focus. 10. Mothers who are Partners of Male Offenders: are they Collusive and Therefore Abusive? 11. Female Adolescents and Children who Sexually Abuse. Concluding Thoughts. References. Index.


Hannah Ford is a Research Psychologist for the Lucy Faithfull Foundation, a charity that works with both victims and perpetrators of child sexual abuse.


"The strength of this book is the skill with which Ford leads the reader through difficult and challenging material." (Youth and Policy, Autumn 2007/Winter 2008)
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