Balancing Act: Environmental Issues in Forestry

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Mai 1999



In Balancing Act Hamish Kimmins calls for a balanced, more objective approach to forestry issues. He argues that these issues are too often debated without any common understanding of what forestry is really all about or about how forest ecosystems work. This new edition of the bestselling book has been revised to reflect new thinking about sustainable forestry and includes three completely new chapters. The new chapters look at the on-going debate over the meaning of 'sustainable forestry, ' 'respect for nature, ' 'ecosystem management, ' and ecosystem 'health and integrity.'. This new edition of Balancing Act goes further in clarifying the issues at the heart of the forestry/environment debate. Readers will gain a new understanding of how our forest ecosystems work and how they can be managed sustainably.


Hamish Kimmins is a professor of forestry ecology in the Department of Forest Sciences at the University of British Columbia. He is past chairman of the BC Ecological Reserves Committee, was moderator of the National Forest Round Table, and has been a consultant to government, the forest industry and environmental groups on proposals for wilderness areas, parks, and ecological reserves, and on a variety of environmental issues in forestry.
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